Barbara Catchpole - Author

Pig and Raj are trapped in a giant dustbin....

We heard the grinding cart coming.

   "I'm sorry I got you into this, Raj."

   "You are a bad influence."

   "Yes, I am."

   "We are going to die!"

   "Yes, we are."

But we didn't die. Something much worse happened.

Our mothers found us!


Pig and the Talking Poo

Dad can cook, and Mum can drive,

But Mum does the cooking (she can burn fish fingers, and Oliver once used one of her pancakes as a frisbee).

Dad does the driving.

A tree drove into him last week.


Feely's Magic Diary

Mum hates the schooldays you have to dress up.

The morning I told her I had to go in dressed as someone out of Greek mythology, she said she was going to kill me and send me in as a famous Greek dead-person.


Pig Skives off School

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