PIG Set 3 Workbook 2

PIG Set 3 Workbook 2 is a photocopiable workbook designed to develop literacy skills. Set 3 Workbook 2 accompanies the three titles Pig and the Big Quiz, Pig Gets Angry and Pig's Season's Finale. The workbook containing workcheets specific to each title, as well as detailed teacher's notes and advice on working with the resources. The Pig series is published by Ransom Publishing, a specialist publisher for reluctant readers and struggling readers. The Pig reading books all feature Peter Ian Green - although everybody calls him Pig, even his teachers. The 'Pig' reading series offers friendly, fast-paced and extremely funny stories in first-person diary format, for readers who want a great story in a quick read. Pig is ideal for reluctant readers aged 7 to 12 with a reading age of 8 - 9 years.